Considering Dentures? See Our Top 5 Signs That You May Need Them

1) You’re missing some teeth already

If you already have a couple of missing teeth but aren’t doing anything about it, then you are forcing your remaining teeth to work harder. Not only does this put your remaining teeth at a greater risk for developing cavities, but for falling out as well.

2) Your teeth feel loose
If your teeth feel loose, and especially if you notice that they have shifted position enough for gaps to have opened up between them, then it’s high time to start thinking about extraction and dentures. Loose teeth are often a sign of gum disease and bone loss.

3) Your gums are swollen
Gums which are swollen, red, and which bleed easily can also be a sign of gum disease and bone loss. If these symptoms are caught early they can often be reversed with improved dental hygiene and a proper cleaning, so don’t ignore them and go see your dentist right away.

4) You are experiencing tooth aches
Tooth pain, especially if it is severe and coupled with some of the signs above, can be an indication of progressed tooth decay which has left the tooth nerve exposed. A dentist can determine which teeth can be saved and which would be better extracted and replaced with dentures.

5) You have frequent indigestion
Indigestion has many potential causes, one of them being food which has been improperly chewed due to dental issues such as cracked, loose or missing teeth.

Do Some of These Signs Sound Familiar?
If some of these signs sound familiar to you, then it’s time to get in touch with Westmount Dental Centre, your West Edmonton family dental clinic. Our dental professionals can help you decide if dentures are the right choice for you.

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