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Mouth Guards

Custom Mouth Guards in North West Edmonton

Whether you're an athlete or routinely engaging in sports, you're likely spending money on your equipment. However, most people don't realize the importance of sports mouth guards until it's too late. Wearing a sports mouth guard while playing sports such as hockey can prevent concussions and help protect your teeth. At Westmount Dental Centre, we prepare custom sports mouth guards in NW Edmonton to help protect your teeth from injuries.


Mouth guards cover the upper teeth and minimize the impact on your lower teeth, cheeks, jaw, lips and gums. We can design a bespoke sports mouth guard which offers superior protection and eases breathing and speaking while you enjoy your athletic activities. Please contact us if you have any questions about our sports mouth guards in NW Edmonton. We can also provide you with a complete range of family dentistry services.

Who Could Benefit from a Sports Mouth Guard?

If you’re involved in any type of contact sport, an athletic mouth guard is for you. Non-contact sports, such as skiing, skateboarding and cycling can result in injuries, too. If there’s any possibility that you could take a hit to the face, investing in sports mouth guard will save you both the pain and cost of an oral or dental sports injury. Many professional sports mandate the use of mouth guards, including boxing, mixed martial arts, rugby, wrestling, ice hockey, and most other contact sports.

Different Types of Mouth Guards

There are a number of different types of mouth guards available in stores. These mouth guards can vary in price, fit, durability and quality. The problem is that a mouth guard that does not fit properly simply does not work to protect your mouth. A mouth guard that is not durable will not be strong enough when you need it, and if it is of poor quality, it will need replacing more frequently.

The only way to enjoy the best protection is to have a custom mouth guard correctly fitted, of superior quality, and durable enough to last.

Have a look at some custom sports mouth guards we've created for some of our patients and their sports teams.


Simply call our office for an appointment at 780-454-1269. One of our Drs. will check your mouth to make sure there are no oral interferences to having a custom mouth guard made for you. An impression is then taken of your teeth. Next, we pour plaster models of your teeth in our in-house lab and a mouth guard is made that's uniquely your own. When your mouth guard is ready, only a short visit is needed to ensure a correct fit. We will provide a special case in which to store it, along with instructions on how to keep it clean and fresh.


Yes, we make special arrangements for groups or teams to come in together for group appointments. We can even further customize the team mouth guards using special colours and logos.

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