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A Complete Guide to Taking Care of Your Child's Teeth

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Around 57% of 6-11-year-olds have a cavity in Canada. One of the best ways to prevent dental risks such as cavities is to care for your children's teeth from a young age. So, where do you begin? All children are at risk of developing dental issues such as cavities. It is something we often see in our dental clinic in Edmonton. However, the risk is lower if you are caring for their teeth. Are you interested in learning more? Here is a complete guide on caring for your child's teeth.

Why Primary Teeth Are Important Primary teeth have more risk of tooth decay, as the enamel is thinner than permanent teeth. Any decay can cause your child distress, as the pain makes it difficult for them to learn, focus, eat, sleep, or speak. Your child's teeth also help guide their adult teeth to the correct position for their face and gums. Caring for Your Child's Teeth You can take several steps to look after your child's teeth. Plus, your help can have long-lasting benefits, such as allowing them to maintain healthy teeth as they grow. And your help will set an example for them as they age and take over their dental care. Regular Dental Visits When your child's first tooth comes through, it is time to take them to see a dentist. Ideally, you will do this within six months of their tooth appearing and before they are 12 months old. The dentist will be able to assess how your child's gums and teeth look, identifying any issues before they escalate. Around 60% of Canadians are afraid of the dentist, so taking your child to the dentist from a young age also helps them feel more comfortable. Establish a Teeth Cleaning Routine Start cleaning your child's teeth as soon as they appear. When your child is old enough, you can establish a cleaning routine, so they know to brush their teeth twice a day. Also, teach about the benefits of flossing. Be sure to follow teeth cleaning advice, such as gently brushing teeth in circles and up and down for around two minutes. Also, remember to clean the tongue and only use reputable children's toothpaste. If your child has parts without teeth, you can wipe them with a clean, soft cloth to remove bacteria. Know the Foods for Healthy Teeth Certain foods such as sugary snacks and drinks can increase the risk of tooth decay, cavities, and other children's dental issues. Choose foods for healthy teeth, such as calcium-rich foods and vegetables. Also, keep your child hydrated with enough water. Contact Our Dental Clinic in Edmonton Follow these tips to help protect and strengthen your child's teeth. Investing time in establishing good dental care will help them throughout their childhood and even into their adulthood. If you need support promoting good dental care or have concerns about your child's teeth, it is time to visit the dentist. Are you looking for a dental clinic in Edmonton? Westmount Dental is here to help. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for your child.


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