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Comprehensive Dental Care: Your Trusted Dentists in Northwest Edmonton

Whether you are in Edmonton or another city, the search for a dentist who can provide comprehensive dental care for your household can seem overwhelming.


Limiting your search for a dentist geographically (such as northwest Edmonton) and asking friends and coworkers for recommendations help narrow your search, but there are other things to consider. Here are 5 of them.


Type of Dentistry Offered

You never know when you might have a dental emergency or require dental care for a family member, or another loved one. Therefore, consider a dental clinic that offers comprehensive dental care. Services to look for include:

·       General Dentistry including:

o   Dental Examinations, cleanings, and treatments (i.e. fillings, oral health tips and education, etc.) for adults and children of all ages

o   Emergency Dentistry

o   Dental Surgery

·       Cosmetic Dentistry

o   Teeth Whitening

o   Mouth Guards

·       Restorative Dentistry

o   Tooth extractions

o   Root canals

o   Dentures

o   Dental implants


In addition to offering a broad scope of dental services, the dentist you choose should do their best to make you feel comfortable while visiting their clinic. You can get a good sense of the atmosphere by calling or visiting your prospective dental clinic, visiting their website, and speaking to people you know who have visited the clinic.



Dental clinics in Edmonton and elsewhere in Alberta must follow the Standards of Practice for Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) of the College of Dental Surgeons of Alberta. Beyond this, however, you may seek a clinic that is clean from the entry to the washrooms and, of course, to the examining and treatment rooms.


Front Desk Staff

Upon entering a dental clinic, you should feel welcomed by the front desk staff. These important team members will be your first contact with your new dental office and will assist you with all your office needs, including:

o   registering

o   completing required paperwork

o   scheduling appointments

o   paying fees

They will also act as intermediaries between you and your dentist and/or hygienist, so it is important that you feel comfortable with them.



You will spend a lot of time with your hygienist. They often accompany you to the examining area and prepare you to meet the dentist. Their role in your dental care includes:

o   dental cleanings

o   exams and x-rays

o   teeth-whitening procedures

o   cavity prevention treatments

o   dental sealants

o   dental impressions

o   temporary fillings and crown repairs

o   and much more


Consider Westmount Dental Centre in Edmonton

Everyone is welcome at Westmount Dental Centre, and patients come first. We are committed to creating a clean and welcoming professional dental clinic where your dental needs are met, and your dental care choices are respected.


We are conveniently located in northwest Edmonton in the Westmount Mall near Telus World of Science. Call us today to learn more about our comprehensive dental services and the team that provides them.   


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