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How Are Chipped, Cracked, or Broken Teeth Repaired?

Though it might be scary when it happens, breaking a tooth is more common and easier to fix than you might think. In all but the most severe cases, a chipped or broken tooth can be repaired rather than needing to be pulled. As a family dentist in Edmonton providing emergency dental services, the Westmount Dental Centre clinic sees its fair share of chipped and broken teeth. We see plenty of broken teeth in both adults and children. Here are the methods that our Edmonton dentists use to get chipped, cracked, or broken teeth all fixed up.

- Dental bonding Dental bonding is a composite, tooth-coloured material that Edmonton dentists use to repair tooth discolouration, tooth decay, and small tooth chips. To repair a tooth chip with dental bonding, the dentist will first prepare the tooth in order to make it easier for the bonding material to adhere to its surface. The bonding is then applied and molded into shape. Once the bonding has dried and hardened, it is polished to match the rest of your smile. - Dental veneers If your tooth is chipped or cracked in the front, then your dentist may recommend fixing it with a dental veneer. A veneer is a thin shell that attaches to the front of a tooth, covering up any damage or any other cosmetic issues such as discolouration. Veneers restore a healthy and natural appearance to the teeth. Your West Edmonton dentist can place veneers on as many teeth as you like in addition to the tooth that is damaged. - Dental crown For a badly cracked or broken tooth that can't be fixed with fillings or veneers, your Edmonton dentist will likely recommend a dental crown. A crown is essentially a cap that covers the entire tooth, restoring its appearance and function. Without a crown, a cracked tooth may not be able to stand up to the pressures of chewing. - Root canal Sometimes, a chip or crack inside of a tooth allows bacteria to access the dental pulp inside, leading to a serious infection that must be treated with a root canal before the tooth can be repaired. After a root canal, a tooth is typically sealed off with a crown to prevent fracture. Don't worry, a root canal in Edmonton is not a painful procedure and does not require much recovery time. Your Emergency Dentist in Edmonton When you chip or break a tooth, it's important to visit an emergency dental clinic in Edmonton as soon as possible. This helps to mitigate the risk of infection and will improve the chance that your dentist can use one of the treatments described above to repair the tooth. The kids and family dentists in Edmonton at Westmount Dental Centre will take a look at the extent of the damage and let you know what your best treatment options are. If you need emergency dental service in Edmonton for a chipped or broken tooth, then don't wait - contact Westmount Dental Centre right away.


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