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Looking for an Edmonton Dentist that is Open Late?

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Keeping up with regular dental appointments is important, but it can be hard to fit a dental visit into a busy schedule. Likewise, if you have tooth pain or another dental issue that needs to be checked out sooner, it can be difficult to find a clinic with hours that work for you. At Westmount Dental Centre, our Edmonton dentists understand that you want to make time for your dental visits, but that finding the time isn't always easy. That's why our clinic is always open late.

Westmount Dental Centre is open from 7 am until 9 pm every single weekday so that you can have your pick of a time that works best for you. We are also open from 9 am to 4 pm on Saturdays for those patients who do not have the time to visit us during the week. Our hours are set with families and busy people in mind.

Dental Appointments That Fit with the Rest of Your Busy Schedule

We know that life can get a little hectic. Long work hours can leave you with few options for dental clinics that are open at a time you are free. Shift work can make your schedule unpredictable and hard to plan around. If you have children, then scheduling their appointments around school, hockey practice, soccer practice, dance lessons, piano lessons, and their numerous other activities is also no easy feat. At Westmount Dental Centre, we provide comprehensive dental care for the whole family. From regular teeth cleanings, to pediatric dentistry, to cosmetic dentistry in Edmonton, we do it all. Our dentists understand how important it is for our patients to be able to access these services in a way that works with their schedule.

A Central and Accessible Location

On top of our flexible hours, Westmount Dental Centre also has a central and accessible location that is easily reached via major roads and bus routes. You can find us just inside of the Westmount Shopping Centre, right beside the main entrance off 135 Street NW. You might be wondering "do I really need a dentist near me?" Having a clinic that is quick and easy to get to will make it much more convenient to schedule appointments and fit them in during a busy week. Even if you don't mind driving a little ways to your appointments, having a West Edmonton dentist located nearby is important if you have a dental emergency.

Book a Convenient Appointment with an Edmonton Family Dentist Today

Westmount Dental Centre provides general dentistry and emergency dental care to the Greater Edmonton Area, including the communities of St. Albert, Eaux Claires, Northeast Edmonton, Northwest Edmonton, Balwin, Beverly, Westmount, Terra Losa, Jasper Place, Strathcona, Sherwood Park, Pleasantview, Empire Park, Blue Quill, Southeast Edmonton, and West Edmonton. If you've been searching for a "dentist open late near me," then our clinic might be a great choice for you. To schedule an appointment with one of our Edmonton dentists, just contact Westmount Dental Centre today.


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