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Need Help with Dental Insurance? Westmount Dental Centre Makes Insurance Easy

dental benefits

Having dental insurance is important, but claiming your coverage can sometimes be a hassle. Thankfully, if you choose the right family dentist in Edmonton, getting your dental bills covered will be a breeze.

At Westmount Dental Centre, we are happy to help answer frequently asked questions about dental insurance and make the process as easy as possible for our patients. Get Your Benefits Paid Up-Front and Leave the Dental Insurance Paperwork to Us When you book an appointment with an Edmonton dentist at Westmount Dental Centre, you can leave all of the insurance paperwork up to us. We'll fill everything out and make sure your benefits are paid up-front. All that our friendly staff will need from you are a few basic pieces of information, including your name, birthdate, employer, insurance company, and plan or policy number. Make sure you get this information to our office at least two business days before your first appointment and we'll take it from there. Major Employers in Edmonton/Alberta with Great Dental Benefit Plans Most people receive dental health benefits through their employers. Many major employers in Edmonton and throughout Alberta offer fantastic dental plans for their employees. Westmount Dental Centre works with these employers and their dental benefit plans on a daily basis at our West Edmonton dentist. Some of the most common and comprehensive dental plans that we see come from the following employers: • Alberta School Employee Benefit Plan / ASEBP • Alberta Health Services • CIBC • TD • Keyera There are many more employers that offer great dental benefit plans in the city and in the province, including many on this list of top 70 employers in Alberta. It is always wise to know the details of your employee benefits, especially if you have good dental health coverage. What to Do If You Don't Have Dental Benefits Through an Employer You should visit your Edmonton dentist at least once every six months but, if you don't have dental insurance, the costs for even routine dental visits can add up. This means that many people without dental insurance avoid going to the dentist. Unfortunately, this makes it far more likely for small dental issues to grow into far more expensive ones, and your dental health can seriously suffer as a result. If you do not have dental health benefits through an employer, then one of the best choices for individual Albertans is Alberta Blue Cross. Westmount Dental Centre can tell patients who have coverage through Alberta Blue Cross exactly how much your plan will pay for different dental procedures. Take the Stress Out of Dental Visits. Book Your First Appointment with Us Today Using your dental benefits doesn't have to be difficult or complicated. Westmount Dental Centre will make sure you receive the coverage you are entitled to. If you have any insurance questions that have not been answered here, then feel free to take a look at our guide to more dental insurance questions. To book an appointment with one of our experienced Edmonton dentists, just contact Westmount Dental Centre today.


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