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Stressed About the Dentist? Helpful Tips for How to Deal with Dental Anxiety

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Edmontonians have enough stress in their lives from the cold Edmonton winters and from wondering whether or not the Oilers will make the playoffs. You don't need to worry about visits to a dentist on top of that.

Unfortunately, some people do experience high levels of anxiety at the prospect of going to an Edmonton dentist. At Westmount Dental Centre, we understand and we want to help make your next dental visit as comfortable as possible. Whether you need routine general dentistry services or a procedure such as a tooth extraction, here are our top tips for dealing with dental anxiety. 1. Consider requesting a dental sedative While dental sedatives are typically used for more complex procedures, they can also be used to help patients with dental anxiety during regular cleanings and examinations. You'll still be awake but in a much more relaxed state of mind. Dental sedatives are also safe for children who experience dental anxiety when administered by a skilled and experienced children's dentist in Edmonton. 2. Don't hesitate to voice all of your questions and concerns Edmonton dentists are understanding of patients' concerns and don't take it personally if you have dental anxiety, so feel free to talk to your dentist about it. They can offer you sedation or simply ease your anxiety by talking you through the procedure and answering any questions. 3. Bring along a friend or a relative If you would feel better having a loved one accompany you to the dentist, then don't even think twice - ask them to come along! There's no shame in needing that emotional support, and your dentist will be happy that you feel more relaxed. 4. Learn some relaxation techniques Another great way to feel more comfortable at the dentist is to learn relaxation techniques beforehand. Look up some breathing or meditation exercises and practice them before your appointment so that you can put them to use in the dentist chair. 5. Bring headphones and listen to music Is music your go-to relaxation method when you're feeling stressed? Then simply bring along your headphones and tune out the dental office. Before you know it, your appointment will be finished. 6. Choose a clinic you feel comfortable going to The clinic you choose can make a big difference in the level of anxiety you feel before an appointment. Make sure you choose a West Edmonton dentist that makes you feel welcome and comfortable and that you can look forward to visiting next time. Looking for a Dentist in Edmonton? Come Meet the Friendly Team at Westmount Dental Centre If you're in need of a family dentist in Edmonton that you can feel good about visiting, then look no further than Westmount Dental Centre. We always listen to our patients' needs and concerns and we offer dental sedatives for both children and adults. Our caring team of dentists and hygienists will make sure you feel comfortable and relaxed the entire time. To see whether Westmount Dental Centre is a good fit for you, just contact us and schedule your first appointment today.


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