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Supplementary Health Benefits for Low-Income Albertans

Dental health is an important part of good overall health. Unfortunately, low-income Albertans often feel that they have to forego professional dental care and cleanings. Westmount Dental Centre, an Edmonton family dentist, wants you to know that there are many options available for those who need assistance covering their dental care. You can secure teeth cleaning in Edmonton and other dental procedures for yourself and your children through the following government-sponsored health benefit programs.

Dental Care Assistance for Children The Alberta Child Health Benefit is specifically designed to ensure that children in low-income families have access to important health services that are not covered under the Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan. This includes prescription glasses, prescription drugs, and professional dental care and cleanings at a children's dentist in Edmonton. The dental services covered under the Alberta Child Health Benefit include dental care, dental exams, X-rays, teeth cleaning, filings, and tooth extractions. These benefits are provided for minors up to 18 years of age or for children aged 18 or 19 who are currently attending high school and living at home. Dental Care Assistance for Adults Low-income adults who have ongoing prescription drug needs or who are pregnant can apply for the Alberta Adult Health Benefit to help with their health and dental needs. The dental services covered under the Alberta Adult Health Benefit include basic and preventive dental care provided by Edmonton dentists such as fillings, tooth extractions, dentures, oral health examinations, teeth cleaning, and x-rays. Dental Care Assistance for Seniors The Alberta Government provides dental assistance for seniors through the Dental and Optical Assistance for Seniors programs. To be eligible, you must be 65 years or older and have a low to moderate income according to the program guidelines. Under the Dental program, you may be eligible for up to $5,000 every five years for certain dental procedures and services, such as basic dental care and dentures in Edmonton. Seniors are automatically enrolled in this program if they have previously applied and been enrolled in other senior financial assistance programs. Income Support for Adults and Children The Alberta Government's Income Support program covers basic needs such as food, shelter, clothing, and health care for children and adults. Income Support recipients receive both the Alberta Adult Health Benefit and the Alberta Child Health Benefit to help cover the cost of dental care for every member of the family at their West Edmonton dentist. Dental Care for the Whole Family in Edmonton Dentists are primary healthcare practitioners that every Albertan deserves to have access to, including those who require assistance. At Westmount Dental Centre, our Edmonton dentists are proud to provide a comprehensive array of services for the whole family. If you need assistance to help cover dental care and cleanings for yourself or your children, then we encourage you to take advantage of the benefit programs described above. Once you have been approved and would like to schedule a visit with a family dentist in Edmonton, contact Westmount Dental Centre and we'll set you up with an appointment right away.


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