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What to Do If Your Dentures Are Broken

Dentures are an easy, affordable, and effective solution to restoring missing teeth. They can be used to improve your chewing ability, your speaking ability, and your confidence. Dentures can break, fracture, or become loose due to the changes of your gums- decreasing their effectiveness. At Westmount Dental Centre, a denture clinic in Edmonton, we provide both high quality dentures and denture repair services.

If your dentures break, then it may be tempting to try fixing them yourself. Dentists in Edmonton, however, strongly advise against trying to repair your dentures yourself. A denture is a professionally made dental prosthetic that requires professional repairs in order to keep functioning as it should. Do-it-yourself repair kits and household items such as glue can damage your dentures further, and may pose a risk to your oral health as well.

An Edmonton dentist will have the necessary tools and the right, non-toxic materials to perform the proper repairs on a broken denture. Getting yourself to an Edmonton denture clinic when your dentures break should be your main priority.

Common Causes of Broken Dentures

Dentures usually sustain some sort of damage after being dropped. Dentures are breakable, and need to be handled carefully whenever they are being removed or cleaned. Make sure you never leave your dentures lying around and that they are always soaking in a denture solution when you are not wearing them. It is also a good idea to clean your dentures over top of a soft surface, such as a folded towel.

Dentures can also fracture from routine everyday use. The act of chewing with loose dentures due to bone loss or worn out teeth can cause your dentures to flex under pressure on certain areas. Therefore, causing your dentures to fracture and eventually break.

How Dentures Are Repaired

If a tooth popped out of the denture or dropped and cracked, a simple same-day repair can be done. However, not all repairs are simple. Sometimes other repairs are complicated and may need a further assessment of your dentures by an Edmonton dentist.

Bone loss is a common complication once teeth have been removed. This can happen immediately after teeth are pulled out and continue to resorb throughout your lifetime. Dentures that have become slightly loose can cause discomfort while chewing. Depending on the condition of your dentures, a reline can fit the dentures comfortably in the mouth. It is recommended you get a reline done 2-3 years after getting a new set of dentures due to bone loss and the changes of your gums.

A denture that has severely worn out teeth, or has sustained cracks and far too damaged, or simply too old, then the best solution would be a brand new set of dentures to restore its functionality. It is important to have a dentist in Edmonton check the condition of your dentures if you have any discomfort or concerns.

Westmount Dental Centre: Your Edmonton Denture Clinic

Whether your dentures are just a little loose or they've sustained serious damage, you can trust the Edmonton dentists at Westmount Dental Centre to have them fixed right up. From simple tooth repairs to relines, we've got you covered. If your dentures are too damaged or too old, we'll have you fitted with a comfortable new set of dentures right away.

Westmount Dental Centre is your West Edmonton dentist for all your denture and denture repair needs. Don't hesitate to contact Westmount Dental Centre for an appointment today.


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