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When Should Dental X-Rays Be Avoided?

Dental X-rays are an important diagnostic tool for your Edmonton dentist. Unfortunately, there are a lot of misconceptions out there about the safety of dental X-rays because X-rays do require low levels of radiation exposure in order to work. Many people worry that they shouldn't be exposing themselves or their children to this radiation. The Edmonton family dentists at Westmount Dental Centre are here to clear up any questions you might have about when you should and shouldn't get a dental X-ray

It is widely accepted among health professionals and dentists in Edmonton that the only people who need to avoid having dental X-rays are women who are pregnant or believe that they might be pregnant. There is always an inherent risk in exposing a developing fetus to radiation, as its cells are forming and developing. Most pregnant women choose to put off their regular dental X-rays until after they have given birth.

There are times, however, when the risks of not getting a dental X-ray far outweigh the risks of getting one. Certain untreated oral health conditions can cause pregnancy complications, and an X-ray may be needed in order for a dentist to decide on the proper course of treatment. If your dentist does recommend that you get a dental X-ray during pregnancy, then don't worry. A professional West Edmonton family dentist will always ensure that you are wearing a lead apron and a thyroid collar, which will keep any possible fetal radiation exposure very low. Some parents also worry about the possible risks of dental X-rays for children. Though children are more sensitive to radiation than adults, the amount of radiation released during a dental X-ray is kept well below harmful levels. There are many more risks inherent in not using dental X-rays to keep tabs on a child's dental and oral development. They allow your children's dentist in Edmonton to catch many serious oral health issues much earlier than a visual examination would allow. Highly trained and educated dentists in Edmonton take every precaution to ensure that dental X-rays don't pose any unnecessary risks to their patients. On top of using the proper protective gear, they also use the lowest level of radiation exposure necessary and only perform X-rays when needed for diagnostic or examination purposes. Dental X-rays allow your Edmonton family dentist to get a better look at any problems affecting your teeth, gums, jaw, or surrounding tissue. If you have any more questions about the safety and efficacy of dental X-rays, then there is no better source of information than your dentist in Edmonton. As a family and paediatric dentist in Edmonton, Westmount Dental Centre is committed to the health and safety of every member of the family. Our experienced dentists only perform X-rays when necessary for diagnosing dental health problems or for keeping an eye on your oral health over time. For more information on dental X-rays or to schedule an appointment to see one of our Edmonton dentists, contact Westmount Dental Centre today.


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