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Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid to Choose Dentures in Edmonton

Tooth loss is a common part of the aging process. It can be uncomfortable and even embarrassing for some people. Fortunately, a set of dentures will restore the appearance and functionality of your teeth and help you feel confident again when you eat, speak and smile.

However, many people are afraid of visiting a denture clinic in Edmonton. Usually, this is because they assume dentures are still how they used to be: loose and uncomfortable. Fortunately, with evolving technology, today’s dentures are both comfortable and convenient. You need not be concerned when choosing a brand new set of dentures.

Benefits of Dentures When you have lost teeth, it’s difficult to eat and speak how you used to. Dentures can restore your ability to eat and speak comfortably.

If you have missing teeth and do not wear dentures, your jaw will begin to lose bone density. Dentures fill the place of your regular teeth to prevent bone tissue from shrinking and to keep your mouth healthy.

Dentures also improve your overall appearance. Naturally, you’ll feel confident with a brand new set of teeth. In addition, dentures give your cheeks definition and shape, which can make you look younger.

Common Questions about Dentures Before investing in dentures, it’s natural to have many questions. The first question many people ask is how much they will cost. Check with your insurance company – dentures are typically covered by insurance.

The next question people bring up is whether or not dentures are comfortable. Dentures may cause some soreness or feel loose at first, but your mouth will soon adjust to the feel of dentures and will grow accustomed to keeping them in place. With time, they will become much more comfortable.

People also wonder whether they can still eat normally with dentures. It takes practice, and you may need to start with soft foods, but you should eventually progress to eating your favourites. However, you’ll want to avoid things that are hard and sticky.

Finally, some wonder how dentures will affect their speaking ability. Like eating, speaking with dentures takes practice. As your mouth adjusts, speaking will become easier. If your dentures frequently click or slip out while you talk, contact your dentist.

Should You Choose Dentures in Edmonton? Dentures improve your facial appearance, restore your ability to eat and speak normally, and may even help you look younger. You can improve your self-confidence as you share your bright new smile with friends and relatives.

Don’t hide your smile anymore. If you’re looking for an experienced denture clinic in Edmonton, call Westmount Dental Centre at 780-454-1269.


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