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Root Canals

Dependable Root Canal in North West Edmonton

Many reasons can cause extreme tooth pain, and one of them is tooth decay or infection. When this happens, a root canal treatment is usually an effective solution. Our root canal in North West Edmonton will not only help you achieve immediate relief from your pain, but it will restore the health of your teeth. If carried out on time, a root canal is an excellent alternative to tooth extraction because it repairs the infected tooth.

Unfortunately, misconceptions about the treatment have caused many people to be afraid of this straightforward procedure. However, we at Westmount Dental Centre can carry out root canals while ensuring your comfort. We use anaesthetic, which makes the treatment painless, and our team provides ready assistance to you throughout the process.

Would you like to find out more about our root canal in North West Edmonton? You can make an appointment with us to have our dentists inspect your issue. If you'd like to speak to us before you visit our clinic, you can call us at 780-454-1269.

Why a Root Canal?

Root canals become necessary when the pulp of a damaged tooth becomes severely infected. This generally happens when an opening forms in a tooth, usually from multiple fillings or a chip, exposing the softer center to food and bacteria. The tooth becomes infected, leading to an abscess that can threaten other teeth, as well as the jaw and the gums. Here are a few common signs that suggest you might need a root canal treatment:

Swelling and persistent pain and discomfort in the gums.

Chipped or cracked teeth that have exposed nerves.

Prolonged sensitivity to hot or cold food and beverages.

Deep decay and darkly discoloured tooth.

What is a Root Canal?

A root canal is a procedure that cleans out a bacterial infection of a tooth, preserving the natural tooth. Our Edmonton dentists will administer an anaesthetic to block pain and then drill into the problem tooth to remove the infected tissue. A filling and crown will be used to reseal the tooth.

Our Root Canal Procedure

Have you ever wondered how a root canal procedure is conducted? Here is a step-by-step guide to help you better understand the process:

Step 1: Diagnosing the infected pulp

A root canal is required when the soft material inside your tooth (pulp) gets infected. When you visit us for a root canal treatment in North West Edmonton, our dentist will diagnose the root cause. Digital imaging techniques and x-rays are used to confirm whether you need a root canal treatment.

Step 2: Cleaning out the infected pulp

Now that the problem is identified, our endodontist will use surgical drills to make a hole in the top layer of your tooth so that the pulp can be accessed. Next, they will clean the entire area and remove the infected pulp. Medication will also be applied so that new infections can be prevented.

Step 3: Root canal filling

The endodontist will fill up the cleaned area with fresh root filler and seal it off using an adhesive. This will protect your new root filler from getting infected by bacteria and other elements. A temporary filling is applied to the top of the tooth.

Step 4: Restoration and healing

After a few days of getting the filling done, your dentist will remove the temporary filling, place a crown on it, and seal it all. This will make your teeth as strong as they were beforehand and protect them from damage.


The best way to treat an abscess is never to have one at all. Preventative care, like correct hygiene and proper protection of the teeth, can save time, pain, and money.

But what if you already need a root canal? In Edmonton, our general dental practitioners can diagnose and treat an abscess with a root canal if necessary. These doctors will do their best to reduce the pain and hassle of a root canal, while helping you maintain your future dental health.



For more information about our root canal therapy and procedures, call our North West Edmonton dental office at 780-454-1269 today.

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