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Teeth Whitening

In-House Teeth Whitening in North West Edmonton

Is the discoloured look of your teeth affecting your confidence? Are you done with trying the latest teeth whitening toothpaste, strips, and bleaching? Some methods can be risky without knowing the proper ways to use them, as they can cause more harm than benefits. Teeth whitening is the most effective treatment for quickly restoring your smile. Westmount Dental Centre offers cosmetic dentistry services, including teeth whitening options for individual needs. We provide professional, safe and effective in-house teeth whitening in North West Edmonton.  Our dentists are committed to restoring your bright smile with whiter teeth that can drastically change your appearance for the better and improve your self-esteem. As opposed to over-the-counter (OTC) teeth whitening, teeth whitening done by professionals is a long-lasting and safe procedure that doesn't affect your dental health negatively. To learn more about our teeth whitening options, schedule an appointment with us.

Reasons for Staining of Teeth

If you have yellow-stained teeth, it is advisable to identify the culprit before visiting us for teeth whitening in North West Edmonton. Some common causes of discoloured teeth are:

Consumption of tea and coffee

Use of Tobacco


Excessive fluoride intake

Prolonged consumption of particular food

Regular Medications

Medical conditions

Your diet or medications will continue to stain your teeth even after whitening if you don’t take precautions. We will also advise you on how to maintain your white, dazzling smile with regular dental check-ups.


The enamel, or the hard outer layer of your teeth, is porous, and your teeth stain because particles work their way into these pores. Typical bleaching chemicals also go deep into the pores to break apart the stains. Most bleaching chemicals can also brighten your teeth beyond their natural shade as well.

Our dentist will perform safe and reliable teeth whitening procedures in a controlled environment of the dental clinic for faster and more satisfying results. Ensure that you don’t drink coffee or ingest any other staining agents within 48 hours of the procedure: the pores in your enamel will be more open than usual, making them easy to stain again.





A dental hygienist starts the treatment by cleaning your teeth. Our dentist then inserts a rubber dam to cover up and protect your gums, followed by applying teeth whitening gel onto your teeth. The kits have a special light to activate the gel for quicker, more effective whitening. Finally, the dentist cleans off any residue from teeth and repeats the process if needed. The resulting difference can be as much as 10 shades lighter than your teeth were originally. At Westmount Dental Centre in Edmonton, we proudly use Spa Dent for maximum teeth whitening benefits. Spa Dent whitening is an in-office LED light-activated system providing sensitivity-free results 2 - 8 shades whiter. For more information on how Spa Dent teeth whitening works, learn more here.


To learn more about teeth whitening at Westmount Dental Centre, call 780-454-1269. Our professionals at Westmount Dental work 7 days a week with generous hours, and they will gladly work around your schedule.  Call us today!


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