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Cosmetic Dental Services to Help Restore Your Smile

Today, cosmetic dental services in Edmonton play a large role in dentistry as a whole. This is because dental cosmetics and dental health often go hand in hand. On top of improving your confidence and self-esteem, some cosmetic dental procedures can even improve your dental health. At Westmount Dental Centre our Edmonton dentists provide a comprehensive array of cosmetic dental services for correcting discoloured, damaged, and misaligned teeth. Our services include:

- Teeth whitening Easily the most popular cosmetic dental procedure in Edmonton, teeth whitening helps to restore the lustre of a smile that has lost some of its shine to discolouration. While there are numerous over-the-counter products that claim to be able to effectively whiten teeth, none work nearly as well or as quickly as a professional teeth whitening does. Teeth whitening in Edmonton at Westmount Dental Centre is quick, comfortable, and highly effective. - Tooth repair Teeth that are broken, cracked, or chipped can often be fixed by an Edmonton dentist with a tooth coloured resin known as dental bonding. Repairing cracked and broken teeth has both cosmetic and health benefits. When teeth have cracks and damage, it becomes far easier for bacteria to find their way inside. Not only will repaired teeth look better, but they will also be less susceptible to tooth decay. - Tooth alignment Making sure that the teeth are properly aligned in the mouth likewise has cosmetic and health benefits. A uniform smile is both a smile that you can have confidence in, and a smile that is easier to brush and floss. Teeth that are not well-aligned are more likely to harbour plaque bacteria, increasing your risk of cavities and gum disease. - Tooth replacement Because we are an Edmonton denture clinic, Westmount Dental Centre is able to help our patients replace their missing teeth with either a bridge or a complete set of dentures. Complete dentures replace all of your teeth, while a bridge can be used to replace one or a few missing teeth. Dentures made in Edmonton can help you to speak and chew normally again, and you won't have to second guess flashing your beautiful, complete smile. - Veneers Finally, Westmount Dental Centre is your West Edmonton dentist offering tooth restoration with veneers. A veneer is a thin, tooth-coloured shell that is attached to the surface of a tooth, covering up any damage or imperfections and improving overall tooth shape. You can choose to have veneers on as many or as few teeth as you need. Cosmetic Dental Services in Edmonton for All Your Dental Needs As an Edmonton family dentist, Westmount Dental Centre is proud to provide restorative and cosmetic dental services in Edmonton for people of all ages and all walks of life. Whether you have some minor tooth discolouration or more serious tooth damage, you can trust our Edmonton dentists to find the right solution for you. Don't let an easily corrected cosmetic dental problem steal your confidence any longer. Just contact Westmount Dental Centre to ask about which of our cosmetic dental services in Edmonton are right for you.


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