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What a Cosmetic Dental Treatment Can Do for Your Smile

Cosmetic and restorative dentistry in Edmonton is helping people from all walks of life find renewed confidence in their smiles. There are now a variety of treatments available for a variety of cosmetic dental problems, and it is well worth your time to ask a dental professional about what they can do for you. When you come in for an appointment with the dentist at the Westmount Dental Centre, you’ll be able to tell us about your dental health and appearance concerns. You’ll then be taken through your options and informed about the cosmetic dentistry procedures that we perform at our clinic. Depending on your specific needs, we may recommend one of the following cosmetic dental care services:

Teeth whitening In-office teeth whitening treatments are very effective at removing stains from the surface and below the surface of the tooth. It is an extremely popular cosmetic dentistry treatment in today’s caffeine-fueled culture. Tooth repair Westmount Dental Centre is an Edmonton emergency dental clinic that can help you right away in the event of a chipped or broken tooth. Teeth can often be fixed and reattached if they are tended to by a dental professional in a timely manner. Teeth realignment Today there are many great options available for children and adults to bring teeth into alignment. If your teeth have never been aligned, or if they have shifted over time, then we may be able to get them into their proper places. Tooth replacement Sometimes a tooth is too damaged, or too much time has passed. In these instances we have many different options available for a tooth replacement. Veneers A dental veneer is used to obscure cosmetic issues because it consists of a porcelain covering that is attached to the tooth. It also protects the tooth from further damage. Cosmetic Dentistry in Edmonton for Your Unique Needs If you feel that one of the services described above may be able to help you achieve the smile you’ve always wanted, then make an appointment at the Westmount Dental Centre today. With today’s dental technology there is no reason to let your confidence suffer because of a dental cosmetic issue that we can help you with.


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