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Looking for a Dentist in Edmonton? Westmount Dental Centre Welcomes You

If you’ve recently moved to the Edmonton area, then one of your first orders of business should be finding a good family dentist that can look after your entire family’s oral health. Even if you all practice good brushing and flossing habits, it should not be considered an alternative to quality dental care from the experienced dental professionals at Westmount Dental Centre in Edmonton.

The Benefits of Finding a Good Family Dentist The biggest benefit of securing a family dentist for yourself and your whole family is that everyone will get the type and level of dental care that they need. From toddlers to their grandparents, family dental clinics know how to provide individualized care to their patients. Regular dental appointments at a clinic that knows your oral health history can help prevent problems such as cavities and tooth decay. A dentist you see often will be better equipped to notice sudden changes to your teeth and gums. This means that having a family dentist is your best bet for early detection of any oral health issues that do arise. Let’s not forget, also, that having the same dental clinic for your entire family makes for much more convenient appointments. It allows everyone to be seen in just one trip to the dentist instead of several. How Your Oral Health and Overall Health Are Connected The link between oral and overall health has become clearer over the past few years than most people ever realized. Gum disease, which often results from poor oral hygiene and relating issues, has been found to contribute to health problems such as cardiovascular disease, cerebrovascular disease, and type 2 diabetes because it promotes inflammation in the body. Thankfully, treating gum disease often helps lessen some of the symptoms and complications of these and other diseases. Dentist Accepting New Patients in Edmonton Westmount Dental Centre is happy to accept new patients. Our dentists are committed to provide you with the care and unique attention that your whole family deserves, and all of it in a convenient location. Schedule your first appointment with Westmount Dental Centre today by giving us a call and speaking to a member of our friendly staff. We’ll set up a time to introduce you to your new dental team.


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