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Reasons Why Dental Implants Are So Important

dental implants

Are you having awful-looking gaps in your smile due to missing teeth? Perhaps you're thinking about getting a dental bridge. But you're concerned about harming the good teeth on both sides of the gap. Are you concerned about bone loss, or do you wear dentures and dislike the way they fit? There is a way out. When it comes to restoring lost teeth, a dental implant is the 'Gold Standard.' If not sure if they're right for you, continue reading to learn the importance of dental implants.

PREVENT BONE LOSS When you extract or lose a tooth, you start losing bone in your jaw. This might not happen right away. But your jawline and lower face will shift with time. When you have fewer teeth, the effect of bone loss in your jaw might be considerably more severe. Start by looking at a picture of someone in your family who has been wearing dentures for some time. Then, compare it to their image when they still had their teeth. You'll notice a significant difference almost immediately. Even the loss of one tooth can result in bone loss. Dental implants correct this by providing something for the surrounding bone to grab onto. The implant integrates with the jawbone. Then, it becomes an artificial root. You only require a few teeth implants in your jaw to prevent bone loss. IMPROVE CHEWING OF FOOD One of the significant reasons a dental implant is so important is that it helps you chew food properly. Imagine how chewing food properly might help you digest it better. The better you digest meals, the more nutrients your body absorbs. When you receive teeth implants, you will chew food just like if you had natural teeth. You may eat anything you like once you get dental implants. This is because implants are almost similar to natural teeth. IMPROVE SELF ESTEEM You are not alone if you are unhappy with the look of your teeth. Many patients who have discoloured, missing, or crooked teeth are self-conscious about their smiles. But disliking your grin is just the beginning. Many patients can't show their teeth or talk in public. Others can't smile at individuals they know or even strangers. This hurts your self-esteem in the long run. Besides, low self-esteem results in fewer employment chances and promotions. It also results in less than satisfactory relationships and a variety of other issues. Dental implants allow you to replace missing teeth, discoloured or damaged teeth. It creates a stunning, natural-looking smile. It may take some time to adjust to your new grin. But you will be amazed at how fast your confidence returns. ENHANCE QUALITY OF LIFE When you have missing teeth, your whole quality of life suffers. Foods you used to enjoy eating may no longer be available. This is because you can't chew them. Your remaining teeth may be susceptible to heat, cold, or even sweets. This happens if they are broken or chipped. You may no longer be able to enjoy the things you used to like. When you replace the fractured or missing teeth with a dental implant, you can now chew normally. Your teeth implants will not cause you pain in the same way that sensitive teeth do. Your nutritional options will increase with your desire to eat out or try new (or old) favourites. IMPROVE YOUR APPEARANCE AND ORAL HEALTH WITH DENTAL IMPLANTS There are several benefits to having dental implants, both aesthetically and in terms of oral health. Many people prefer teeth implants because they appear and operate like natural teeth. Dental implants have a long lifespan and provide excellent tooth replacement outcomes. At Westmount Dental Centre, we provide premium-quality dental implants in Edmonton. Call us today to get more information or schedule an appointment.


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