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Relieve Your Tooth Pain with Dentistry in Edmonton

Just as the theatre lights dim, you grab a handful of popcorn. You enjoy that salty treat until you feel it: the horrible crunch of a broken tooth. The rest of the movie is a blur since you spend most of your time fighting the pain and worrying about your tooth. Don’t let that ache last any longer than necessary. Whether it’s an unexpected popcorn kernel, auto accident, or natural wear and tear that causes your tooth pain, you don’t have to live with tooth pain. Visit Westmount Dental Centre today for dentistry in Edmonton.

Our Edmonton Dentistry Services Westmount Dental Centre’s philosophy that “patients come first” means your aches and pains won’t last long. Let our treatments help you find the smile that looks—and feels—good. Choose from our general dentistry services, such as:

  • Preventative cleanings. Hygienists will clean, evaluate, and sometimes X-ray teeth. Our dentists will examine X-rays, as well as your gums and teeth to ensure that your oral health is at its optimal level.

  • Periodontal treatments. Our professional staff performs periodontal treatments such as gum grafts, dental implants, and dental crown lengthening.

  • Fillings. Cavities start small. But these tiny holes cause pain and damage if dentists don’t fill them.

  • Root canals. Serious tooth infections may require a root canal. Our Edmonton dentists remove the damaged tissue so you don’t feel discomfort any longer.

  • Dentures. If you are missing teeth, allow dentures to fill in the gaps of your smile.

Dentistry for the Entire Family Westmount Dental Centre happily serves patients of any age. Whether your children need their first dental appointment or you’ve had regular checkups for decades, our staff welcomes you. Schedule your visit today. Call us at 780-454-1269, or book an appointment online. Once we receive your request, we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


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