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What Is Considered a Dental Emergency?

Dental Emergency

Around 75% of Canadians visit a dentist regularly, which involves scheduling checkups and cleanings. However, some people will experience dental emergencies that require seeing a dentist ASAP. You might recognize certain dental emergencies when they occur, but not others. So, what constitutes a dental emergency? After all, you'll need to know the signs just in case you ever encounter one. So keep reading this guide to learn the signs that indicate you need an emergency dentist.

SEVERE TOOTHACHE Toothache pain is one of the worst types of pain you can experience, and over-the-counter pain pills don't offer much relief. Therefore, you might have a dental emergency if you develop a severe toothache. A toothache can occur when you develop a tooth abscess or infection. If you can't stand the pain, you'll need to visit a clinic for dental services. The dentist can determine the cause and offer the necessary treatment. LOOSE PERMANENT TOOTH Your permanent teeth are there for good, and you should never experience a loose permanent tooth. However, if you do, you should consider it a dental emergency. A loose permanent tooth is a problem that requires professional treatment. Getting the necessary treatment without waiting too long is essential for this oral health problem. KNOCKED OUT TOOTH Emergency dentists also offer dental treatment for knocked-out teeth. Permanent teeth don't fall out too quickly. However, they can come out with enough force. If you experience a knocked-out permanent tooth, you'll need treatment for it. Dentists can sometimes place permanent teeth back in place with success. However, dentists can't fix this problem in all situations. A dentist might suggest a dental implant for a knocked-out tooth. Dental implants offer many benefits for missing teeth and are durable, strong, and permanent. CHIPPED TOOTH It's also wise to find the best dentist that offers emergency services if you chip your tooth. You can chip a tooth from biting too hard on something or from too much force. In either case, you'll need a dentist to look at your tooth after this occurs. A chipped tooth poses risks to your oral health, as bacteria can seep into the tooth's roots much easier. A chipped tooth also looks bad, and you'll likely want to fix the problem quickly for this reason. LOST FILLING You might also want to seek dental care from an emergency dentist if you lose a dental filling. A dental filling fills in a tooth hole after a dentist removes decay. Fillings shouldn't fall out, but there are times they do. An emergency dentist can repair this problem by cleaning the tooth and placing a new filling in it. SEE A DENTIST NOW FOR A DENTAL EMERGENCY Oral problems affect many people, and you might even experience a dental emergency. Now you'll know what signs to look for that might indicate you need an emergency dental visit. Contact us at Westmount Dental Centre if you're struggling with a dental emergency. We can help, so call us today or visit our website for more information.


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