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What to Do If You Lose a Permanent Tooth

The loss of a permanent, adult tooth is a very time-sensitive dental emergency. Not having the tooth reattached or replaced can lead to other dental health problems later on. If you live in Edmonton and such a dental emergency has happened to you, then the most important action you can take is to not panic.

Here's a step-by-step guide from the emergency dentists at Edmonton's Westmount Dental Centre for what to do if you lose a permanent tooth: Step 1 - Find the tooth It is possible to reattach a lost tooth, but only if it is brought into an emergency Edmonton dental clinic within a short amount of time. The faster you find the tooth, the faster you can get going. Moving quickly will also help prevent the socket from becoming infected. Step 2 - Handle the tooth with care When you do locate your tooth you'll want to make sure that you handle it with care. Pick it up only by the crown (the top portion), not by the root. Touching the root can easily damage the soft tissue that is needed for reattachment. Give the tooth a gentle rinse with water in order to clean it of any dirt, but don't scrub it. Step 3 - Try to place the tooth back in its socket You may not like the idea, but the best way to transport your tooth is to place it back into its socket. This will not only keep the tooth safe and clean, but it will also preserve the root and make it easier to reattach. If you are able to fit the tooth back into its socket, then you can keep it in place by gently biting down on gauze or a soft cloth. However, if the tooth cannot easily fit, then you shouldn't try to force it. Instead, you can transport it either in a glass of milk or a glass of water with dissolved salt. Carrying the tooth in your cheek is also a good option. Step 4 - Go to a dentist that offers emergency services With your tooth found, rinsed, and secure in your mouth or in a glass, you should get yourself to an emergency dentist in Edmonton right away. Waiting too long after losing a tooth could make the tooth impossible to reattach, and may lead to infection in the socket. Westmount Dental Centre is a West Edmonton dentist that provides emergency dental services and will make you and your dental emergency a priority. We also provide quality sports mouth guards in Edmonton that can help prevent this kind of dental emergency from happening to you in the future. If you've lost a tooth, then don't wait. Call Westmount Dental Centre at 780-454-1269 so that we know to expect you at our clinic. We understand that reattachment has to be done quickly if it is to be successful, and we'll have you seen by one of our Edmonton dentists as soon as possible.


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